My getFlix is out of date! “Maarten van Egmond”: has a revamped version.

Many people have hundreds or thousands of movies they have rated on Netflix, but the web site does not provide any simple way of downloading them for your own use. getFlix is a package of scripts that allow you to download and process your “Netflix”: ratings.

You need the following:

I was originally looking for someone else who had written a script to do this and had found “Net::Netflix”: by a guy named John Resig. Very cool script- it went to the Netflix web site with your username/password and fetched your ratings. The problem was that it only got the film title and the rating. Nothing else. Great, but no cigar.

The Scripts
So I had to write everything else myself. Here is what I have:

  • – A script that calls the main perl module (included, next) called
  • – The heart of my effort here is this module, partially borrowed from John Resig’s script but modified to get the following:
    1. The film’s Netflix ID
    2. Film title
    3. Film Year
    4. Film MPAA Rating
    5. Film Genre
    6. Your Film Rating

    For example, it would get the following: “60000161~Wonder Boys~2000~R~Drama~3″ for every single film you have rated and puts it in a file called ‘nflicks.txt’. Not bad for a little perl script.

  • Now for all the accessories, starting with which is a very nifty script that takes all the data in nflicks.txt and generates distribution for the data. For example, the average rating for a particular year or decade. Or for a particular MPAA rating or genre. Great stuff!
  • This script will get the name of the directors for each of the film you have rated (from and tabulate them with their rating in a file called directors.txt.
  • This script will generate meaningful data about directors that you have rated highly; i.e. average rating for a particular director. This will live in directors2.txt.
  • This script will fetch the stars (actors and actresses) for each film you have rated and again, tabulate them (similar to the directors). No histogram script exists yet to make sense of this data.

What kind of information will I get out of it?
For a brief overview, you can “read my own discoveries at”: but suffice to say, you can get all the information it is possible to fetch from regarding each of the film you have rated. That is,

  • Director
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Year
  • Genre
  • MPAA Rating

And also, a lot of analysis of the information, such as averages for years, decades, ratings and a lot more. And if you find something that is more meaningful, go ahead and add it or suggest it in the comments below.