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Apple & Intel

MacWorld has a great rundown of all the facts (and some speculation) from yesterday’s announcement from the WWDC that Apple is leaving the PowerPC architecture for Intel by next year. A few things I gathered from Steve Jobs’ keynote:

  • Intel Macs will appear in early 2006.
  • They demonstrated how Mathematica was ported to the new platform within 2 hours with 20 lines of code changed. The complexity of the change will depend on how much the code depends on the architecture.
  • People from Adobe, Microsoft and the CEO of Intel assured the audience that the move will be smooth.

Schneier: Risks of Cell Phones on Airplanes

Bruce Schneier has an interesting piece on the flawed logic used against using cell phones on airplanes. Apparently authorities are worried about terrorist use of cell phones to co-ordinate their activities or to trigger attacks. From his blog:

…security countermeasures that force the attackers to make a minor modification in their tactics aren’t very good trade-offs. Banning cell phones on airplanes only makes sense if the terrorists are planning to use cell phones on airplanes, and will give up and not bother with their attack because they can’t. If their plan doesn’t involve air-to-ground communications, or if it doesn’t involve air travel at all, then the security measure is a waste. And even worse, we denied ourselves all the good uses of the technology in the process.

There are probably reasons rooted in social impropriety that are more valid than the phantom terrorist threat. The original article Schneier is commenting on is here at