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Month: March, 2006

Google Spam Recipes

And Even More GMail Spam RecipesIf you have a GMail account (and who doesn’t these days?), Google has a quirky little advertisement for your enjoyment. Go to your GMail account and click on the “Spam” link in the left sidebar. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Google’s GMail for Your Domain

Google recently started offering GMail-like hosted email service for universities and beta-testing private domains. As soon as the “Google announced the beta”: of the service, I signed up my “Star Wars website”: for “hosted GMail”:
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St. Patrick’s Day, Boston 2006

Telegraph Hill, Boston

Originally uploaded by DevanJedi.

Spent the afternoon in south Boston at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Take a look at the pictures I took at Flickr.

One Month at Apple Matters

It has been one month since I started writing for “Apple Matters”: and it has been quite a revelation. I now know what it feels like to have a weekly deadline- and however much I love Apple products, 7 days are not always enough to come up with something new!

Having said that, it’s been a blast and I’ve tried my hand at most types of articles so far. Here is what I’ve put out so far: Read the rest of this entry »

Fetch Your Netflix Ratings

If you use the “Netflix”: rating system even half as much as I do, your account has information documenting your entire movie watching life. At this point in time, I have rated 1348 films on Netflix and that number grows by about 15 per month- considering I am a movie geek and a statistics geek, that information is important- nay, vital– to me! If only there was a simple, friendly way to get at my information… Read the rest of this entry »