Google Spam Recipes

by Devanshu Mehta

And Even More GMail Spam RecipesIf you have a GMail account (and who doesn’t these days?), Google has a quirky little advertisement for your enjoyment. Go to your GMail account and click on the “Spam” link in the left sidebar.

Take a look at the web clip at the top, if you have them turned on. If not, go to Settings (top right corner) and check the “Show my web clips” box under “Web Clips”. Done? Now go back to the Spam page and look at the Web clip. See the recipes? My favorite is Spam Swiss Pie, but I could use some Spam Fajitas. Especially when served with extra salsa (if desired).GMail Spam Recipes

Mmmmm… Ginger Spam Salad.

More GMail Spam Recipes
One can only hope this was not a computer that put these adverts there, without human intervention (as Google claims is the case with all its text ads), but was actually a Monty Python fan with a quirky sense of humor. In the words of those Vikings at the Green Midget Cafe: Spam Spam Spam Spam. Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!