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An Eggcorn Fell from the Tree

In the past, I’ve written about snowclones– those great sentences which have a popular skeleton and just require you to fill in the blanks to seem witty and smart. And sometimes like an anchor for Entertainment Tonight.

Sentences like “Have goatee, will travel” and “In space, no one can hear you burp” or “All your pageviews are belong to us”. Replace ‘goatee’, ‘burp’ and ‘pageviews’ as you please, and you have yourself infinite snowclones.

Well, today I will introduce you to my friend, the eggcorn. Eggcorns are words that sound and feel just like the word it’s used in place of. But they’re wrong. Like saying eggcorn instead of acorn- it sounds sort of right, an egg-shaped corn, but it’s the wrong word.

People unintentionally use eggcorns all the time– “old-timers disease” instead of Alzheimer’s disease, “on the spurt of the moment” instead of “spur” or a “mute point” instead of “moot”. (No, Joey’s “moo point” doesn’t count. It’s a cows opinion.)

Check out the excellent Eggcorn database for more. And remember, just like snowclones, the term eggcorn was introduced on the brilliant Language Log blog.

Monty Python’s Online Circus


The question for a 70s era comedy group is not so much “how do we squash all these kids pirating our work”. It’s more along the lines of “how do we remain relevant in the modern media culture”.

There are many that choose to go the route of “sue our fans” so that they buy our DVDs, CDs and nifty merchandise. Thankfully, Monty Python are not one of them. They have launched the Monty Python YouTube Channel. With all the clips from their shows and films already freely available on YouTube, they only had two alternatives.

They could either try to sue every video off the Internet, which is a losing battle against your own fans. Or they could choose to become the first result on every search page any time anyone ever searches for their clips– thereby taking control of the path their fans take on the Internet. If the content is going to be out there anyways, why not put it up yourself, at high quality, stay relevant and make a buck by reminding people of who you were (and selling CDs, DVDs and nifty merchandise). Read the rest of this entry »

King Barack Obama

A funny way to position the words, via CNN’s Political Ticker


Bill is Innocent!

Bill Stickers!

Oh noes!

Obama, Montana and Jones

So, what’s hot this summer, asks

If Airport Security Wasn’t Funny Enough

Airport Security ftw!

Originally uploaded by sirbrett84.

Via Schneier, here’s a funny little photo that sums up many thoughts I have about Airport security. I wish there was a button to click to fix the problem…

Wobble and Clock

I walked by a “Brookstone”: the other day and saw this:
Wobble and Bob

Now this may seem like a totally random and totally acceptable clock to many people. These people are clearly not fans of the funniest cartoon on the Internet, a.k.a. “Weebl and Bob”: about the wobbling, oval shaped Weebl and sometimes his friend Bob. Now tell me the Brookstone folks thought up the name _Bob Wobble Clock_ without ever having seen Weebl & Bob!

To prove I am not crazy, or at least my form of madness is common, here’s “another blogger”: who had the same idea.

xkcd: Blogging About My Generation

A brilliant comic from “xkcd”: for a Friday morning:

Bizarre Bird Video: Off for Hitchcock Auditions?

Take a look at this video my parents took in Florida: Read the rest of this entry »

Spam Poetry

Just got a piece of spam with the following text (in addition to a .gif that was pushing some penny stock):

See – I think that “Happy Feet” would just never work as a film without its penguin predecessor “March of the Penguins. , but not enough for our upcoming foreign trip. James Bond is a Whovian!
I still insist on a live tree, but we did not have one shipped from Maine this year. Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi!
I, for example, mentioned to several girlfriends that they should see the new Bond flick using just three words: “Daniel Craig. Reaching for his own cola, Eagleburger continued: “He was a little loaded.
75Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – 3.

I agree- Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi!

Also, even though James Bond is probably not “Whovian I am going to try to be one pretty soon.”:

Oh yeah, and Happy Feet doesn’t work in spite of its predecessor.