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Month: April, 2006

What People Were Reading Here in March

Two of those articles are in a post-slashdotting haze.

Apple Officially Boots Windows XP

Apple has released a public beta of Boot Camp, that allows you to install and run Windows XP on your Mac. It provides a GUI for the entire process and will be integrated in to the next major release of OS X, Leopard.

This is a major development and we will be hearing more about it soon. An interesting piece from the Bootcamp page:

Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it’ll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.

From Around the Blogosphere

A few interesting stories from around the blogosphere:
* Via “DownloadSquad”: – Google’s beta for their Web Accelerator product, which had been revoked after a short beta and had sparked privacy concerns, is back for download and use for Windows users. It supports IE and Firefox and judging from past experience, may not be available for long.
* Via “T. Longren’s blog”: I came across this interesting “blog statistics tool”: which may “make life easier for bloggers everywhere”:
* Via “Les Jones’ blog”: there’s a cool Windows (yes, that _other_ OS) setting for making text look clearer called “Cleartype”:

April Fool’s Day 2006 for Geeks

It seemed as though yesterday was an overactive April Fool’s day; maybe because it was a Saturday or because I was actively seeking pranks. And I found many.

Some of my favorite pranks for this year: Read the rest of this entry »

Total Solar Eclipse of March 2006


Originally uploaded by Rogério Mariano.

Some cool things to check out regarding the total solar eclipse on the 29th of March.

  • Some interesting information from Scientific American:

    Such a total eclipse is relatively rare–the next one for observers in the U.S. will not happen until August 21, 2017–because the moon must cross our planet’s orbital plane exactly when it, Earth and the sun are aligned, and its nighttime side faces us.

  • And then a lot of stuff from NASA– pictures, information, videos, audio.
  • And finally, some spectacular photographs of this (and past) solar eclipse at Flickr.

Some links via Accidental Blogger.