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Altruism Mocked

You know those people who even spend their time picking apart charity? When “my story about geek charities”: was “reported on at Slashdot”: there were people in the comments there who spent time picking apart my motivations and so on.

Then there are others who pick apart open sourcey communities and people who would spend their times in them. To them, I say “go forth to *The Onion* where altruism is being mocked”:

[…] said freelance writer Eric Bergstrom, who was eating at a local diner when he saw Eisenfeld buy the confused man a cup of coffee and ask him where he lived. “Because, you know, it’s not like there’s cops or emergency workers trained to do that stuff. Must be nice having all that free time to be a big hero. What a stuck-up prick.” As of press time, Eisenfeld’s ulterior motive had not been determined.

Privacy Policy Generator

The “Direct Marketing Association”: has a fantastic “Privacy Policy Generator”: on their web site which is a great tool for all webmasters/bloggers/administrators out there because sooner or later, you will need one for your site as well. Many advertisers require you to have one, many users will feel more comfortable if they can view yours and in general, it is a step in the right direction.

This tool asks you all the right questions regarding what personal information you collect on your site and what you intend to do with it. At the end, it will generate a personalized “Privacy Policy” for your site based on your answers. You can take a look at the one I had it “generate for my Star Wars web site”: