MSN AdCenter and Firefox Revisited

Thanks to Digg, my article on “the curious behavior of Microsoft towards their advertisers”: wherein Microsoft builds a web site for their advertisers that does not work for Firefox users. Cut out 10% of your potential advertisers before you even go in to business- that’s a great strategy. We have feedback from users, the blogosphere and *Microsoft*.

Today, two weeks later, the site is “still Firefox-unfriendly”: and in fact, even more so:
UPDATED MSN AdCenter in Firefox

It has gotten worse; it doesn’t even fail gracefully any more. It does not inform you that the reason the site looks wonky is that you are using Firefox. It looks the same in Safari- so that locks out all Mac and Linux users… but I am repeating myself.

Since the original article got on the frontpage, there were many comments, on my site, at Digg and *directly from Microsoft*. Let me discuss a few: Read the rest of this entry »