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Eating Seasonal

I’ve been reading a lot lately about food- eating seasonal, local, healthy and so forth. These goals are inter-linked. I checked if the place where we get our vegetables bought from local farms, turns out “they do when they can”: (in the summer). A little more Googling lead me to “Sustainable Table”: which is a phenomenal site about all the goals I listed above. Here’s a list of “what’s in season in which month”: in for many states in the United States.

Wobble and Clock

I walked by a “Brookstone”: the other day and saw this:
Wobble and Bob

Now this may seem like a totally random and totally acceptable clock to many people. These people are clearly not fans of the funniest cartoon on the Internet, a.k.a. “Weebl and Bob”: about the wobbling, oval shaped Weebl and sometimes his friend Bob. Now tell me the Brookstone folks thought up the name _Bob Wobble Clock_ without ever having seen Weebl & Bob!

To prove I am not crazy, or at least my form of madness is common, here’s “another blogger”: who had the same idea.