Geek Activism Questionnaire for Presidential Candidates

I am putting together a questionnaire of issues important to the geek hacktivists for each of the candidates for next years US Presidential Election. Most of the web sites of these candidates do not come close to addressing the issues that are important to us today and will affect society in general tomorrow. Issues of privacy, copyright and fair use, net neutrality, the DMCA, the PATRIOT act will obviously come up, but what are the questions that you would want to put to the people who may have the power to change the rules of the digital game?

One of the central ideas in my “95 Theses” was of making the political establishment aware of our issues and of making it clear to the non-technical folks how these issues will affect them in the future.

As of now, these are the kinds of things I am thinking about:
* Their stand on the DMCA.
* Their stand on the future of the PATRIOT act.
* On Net Neutrality.
* On free speech rights on the Internet.
* On Copyright, fair use and the value of the public domain.
* Open source voting.
* Maybe video games, regulation and other _save our children_ initiatives that take out innocents in the cross-fire (while keeping “our children” just as unsafe).

I have many other ideas bouncing around and need to present them in a better form, but let me know in the comments what you think.