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Phoenix Mars Lander is Dead

Phoenix Mars Lander

Phoenix Mars Lander

After blogging, tweeting and generally keeping us amused, the Phoenix Mars Lander is dead. Read its final words:

So long Earth. I’ll be here to greet the next explorers to arrive, be they robot or human.

Read through its first-person guest-blog at Engadget and tweets at Twitter.

Introducing Geek Activism

I’ve been running this blog for more than 3 years, but “Science Addiction” had always been a stop-gap name. It was a domain name I had lying around and the blog- at the time- didn’t have much of a direction.

Over time, the blog got a direction- which probably had something to do with this article of mine– and the name no longer fit the bill. And so, after thinking about it for a long time, I’ve rebranded the blog as— a name that actually describes what you’ll find here.

NOTE: The old links and RSS feeds will still work.