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I Can Haz Worldcats??!


For context, read the continuing adventures of OCLC, WorldCat and the intricate scandals of the librarian community. It’s fascinating stuff– librarians fighting back against a monster of their own creation. Copyright, fair use, creative commons, an old behemoth trying to change with the times, it has all the ingredients of a magnificent geek activism tale.

Above image is based on “Cute cat” by Per Ola Wiberg (former ponanwi and Powi) and was generated using the lolcats generator.

Introducing Geek Activism

I’ve been running this blog for more than 3 years, but “Science Addiction” had always been a stop-gap name. It was a domain name I had lying around and the blog- at the time- didn’t have much of a direction.

Over time, the blog got a direction- which probably had something to do with this article of mine– and the name no longer fit the bill. And so, after thinking about it for a long time, I’ve rebranded the blog as— a name that actually describes what you’ll find here.

NOTE: The old links and RSS feeds will still work.