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Linux for President!

Marketing blogger Douglas Karr has an “interesting study up on his web site”: about the operating systems that power the web sites of United States presidential candidates.

Let’s just say, Linux lies to the left of the political spectrum. Democrats are 90% open source, Republicans 30% and Obama is on FreeBSD. I have no idea if any of this means anything, but according to 73% of Internet history experts, cool, obtusely meaningless statistics are what the Internet was designed to propagate.

300 Million in October 2006

The US population will hit 300 million in October of this year. The census bureau has a “population clock”: and so does “Gerber”: Gerber, in fact, also says: Read the rest of this entry »

What People Were Reading Here in April

These were the most popular articles here in the month of April:

This month my old Linux on the Xbox article and Dharmesh Thakker’s light/shadows photographs are new on the list.

What People Were Reading Here in March

Two of those articles are in a post-slashdotting haze.

Fetch Your Netflix Ratings

If you use the “Netflix”: rating system even half as much as I do, your account has information documenting your entire movie watching life. At this point in time, I have rated 1348 films on Netflix and that number grows by about 15 per month- considering I am a movie geek and a statistics geek, that information is important- nay, vital– to me! If only there was a simple, friendly way to get at my information… Read the rest of this entry »