XBMC on the Xbox

Years ago, I chronicled my efforts to get Linux on my (1st generation) Xbox on this blog. Well, I did end up succeeding. Though I never actually used the Xbox much after that. It was like climbing Mt. Everest– what do you do after you’re up there other than be able to say that you got up there?

In any case, I now have XBOX Media Center on my Xbox. XBMC is a nifty media center software that originated on the Xbox, and is now available for many other platforms. But not officially supported for the Xbox. Which is why they’ve tried to rebrand themselves as XBMC, like BP not wanting to be associated with petroleum or Altria not wanting to be associated with lung cancer.

In any case, I now have it working on my Xbox. I can watch videos, photos, music, stream from the network stream from the Internet, CBS.com. NBC.com, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and dozens more. But not Hulu. Hulu and XBMC don’t get along.

The process of installation, in short, involves:

  • Obtaining a game that has an bug/exploit (original Mechassault, 007, Splinter Cell)
  • Loading a “saved game” for that game, which is really a way to install the hack/softmod.
  • Now you have an Xbox with FTP access and some other nifty tools.
  • Obtain the XBMC build from these folks who call themselves T3CH.
  • FTP the build to your Xbox E:apps directory.
  • Launch it from your hacked dashboard.
  • Profit!

Of course, there is also a lot of cursing, fingers crossed, and general irritation along the way. And I’ve glossed over all kinds of details. And now I’m back at the top of Mt. Everest. The view is great, and I even got a blog post out of it.

Now what?