Fedora Core 4

by Devanshu Mehta

I recently installed “Fedora Core 3”:http://fedora.redhat.com on my home PC to replace my old “Red Hat 9”:http://www.redhat.com and was over all impressed with the installation experience. The machine has been running well since, though I haven’t been doing anything extraordinary with it. I wanted to get “Debian”:http://www.debian.org but couldn’t spare the time for a proper custom installation.

All the time I was preparing to install, I knew FC4 was coming out soon- but I stuck with FC3 just because I knew I would never get around to it if I waited. And then I would have been stuck with RH9 still. And then where would I be. So with much fuss and ado “Fedora Core 4”:http://fedora.redhat.com has been released today to the general public; it’s a really good “Linux”:http://www.kernel.org distribution- especially for those who aren’t familiar with Linux (general public), or don’t have time to mess with bits in a more traditional distro (that would be me). I will soon write a full length article regarding my decision to use Fedora at home (pros, cons, other alternatives). Also, if and when I get around to it- my experiences with upgrading to FC4

P.S. “Here’s an easy way”:http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/YumUpgradeFaq to upgrade from FC* to FC4 using Yum.