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Cellular Phones at the Movies

I just put up rant on “WideScreen Glory”: about the ridiculous push by theatre owners to “jam cell phones in movie theatres”: From “that article”:

The annoying, distracting, place-reserved-in-hell, cell phone users are not the cause (of the movie industry slump); they are a nail in the coffin. […] In the past, the government tried to ban cell phones on airplanes based on the loosely defined threat of terrorists with phones. As with that case, the benefit of allowing decent people to keep their cell phones at their discretion far outweighs the annoyances of movie cell phone users.

After the Slashdot Effect

On Sunday, the 18th of December this website was the victim of “the slashdot effect”: That is, we were slashdotted.

Function: Verb
Etymology: Post-modern geekspeak
1 a: to kill a web server through excessive traffic, usually caused by a link from “”:
Usage: “Science Addiction”: was slashdotted on Sunday because I submitted my “article on open source charity for the holiday season”:

Here are a few stats from the aftermath:

Interesting stuff, to say the least. I will put more facts up as I come up with them!

UPDATE (12/22/05): A few more facts…

  • A vast majority of the slashdotters use “Mozilla Firefox”: Many use Apple with Safari, and finally, a few poor souls actually use MSIE, though I would like to believe they are online from their place of work and have no choice. If so, please switch jobs quick!
  • Many Linux users… no surprises there. Many of those were “Ubuntu”: linux users; seems like Ubuntu is popular with the slashdot crowd.