After the Slashdot Effect

by Devanshu Mehta

On Sunday, the 18th of December this website was the victim of “the slashdot effect”: That is, we were slashdotted.

Function: Verb
Etymology: Post-modern geekspeak
1 a: to kill a web server through excessive traffic, usually caused by a link from “”:
Usage: “Science Addiction”: was slashdotted on Sunday because I submitted my “article on open source charity for the holiday season”:

Here are a few stats from the aftermath:

Interesting stuff, to say the least. I will put more facts up as I come up with them!

UPDATE (12/22/05): A few more facts…

  • A vast majority of the slashdotters use “Mozilla Firefox”: Many use Apple with Safari, and finally, a few poor souls actually use MSIE, though I would like to believe they are online from their place of work and have no choice. If so, please switch jobs quick!
  • Many Linux users… no surprises there. Many of those were “Ubuntu”: linux users; seems like Ubuntu is popular with the slashdot crowd.