Ray’s Devonian Blues

by Devanshu Mehta

In “Ray Troll’s”:http://www.trollart.com own words:

A few months ago I received an email from my friend Dr. Ted Daeschler at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia telling me about a new lobe finned fish fossil that he and his colleague Dr. Neil Shubin had unearthed in late Devonian rocks way up in Nunavut, Canada. One of the many extraordinary things about this new fish is that it looks almost exactly like an amphibian, except that it has fins instead of legs…. I wrote a song called the ‘Devonian Blues’. I drew pictures of Charles Darwin ( AKA Chuckie ‘D’ ) embracing it.

The “song and video”:http://www.trollart.com/sound/devonianblues/index.html are fantastic- and in case your wondering, “Devonian”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devonian _is a geologic period of the Paleozoic era_.

With “lyrics such as”:http://www.trollart.com/sound/devonianblues/index.html Your momma was a Lobefinned Fish. My momma was a Lobefinned Fish. and Thinking ’bout my mama and I’m thinking ’bout you. Got those Sarcopterygian Devonian Blues. This is the stuff of viral internet legends!