New Battlefronts Emerge on Net Neutrality

by Devanshu Mehta

A few interesting developments on the Network Neutrality front:

  • First up, this piece by *Adam Penenberg*, the journalist who was played by Steve Zahn in Shattered Glass, has a “great piece on the whole issue at Slate”:
  • More recently, *Tim Wu* had a “fantastic piece on Slate”: that details why anyone should care about the issue. He says:

    ow would you feel if I-95 announced an exclusive deal with General Motors to provide a special “rush-hour” lane for GM cars only? That seems intuitively wrong. But what, if anything, is the difference between KFC and I-95? And which is a better model for the Internet?

  • *The Senate* failed to grow a backbone and “punted the issue to the FCC”: but there was this bit in there:

    In addition, a number of committee members mentioned the growing protest over Net neutrality during the debate. Supporters of Net neutrality hope their protests can derail the House’s proposed legislation and affect legislation in the Senate.

  • And finally, good old *Ed Markey*, representative from the great state of Massachusetts, has regrouped and worked out this:

    Despite early setbacks, the Net neutrality forces are regrouping and their first major counterattack comes in the form of a new bill proposed by a group of Democrats that goes well past two other telecommunications bills by strictly barring phone companies from establishing Internet tolls.