Say Hello to My Blogroll Friends

by Devanshu Mehta

I just added a blogroll- links to blogs that I frequent- to the right sidebar, and I think I should introduce them to you.
* “Accidental Blogger”: is one of my favorite blogs on the things that make you think.
* “Radio OpenSource”: is a public radio program that has roots on the Internet. Each episode is birthed and nurtured in the blog’s community, sometimes with more vigor than the episodes themselves.
* “John Battelle’s Blog”: is a blog of John Battelle, who recently wrote *The Search* about that business.
* “Schneier on Security”: is security expert Bruce Schneier’s blog.
* “Apple Matters”: is for people who believe that Apple Matters. I write an article for them once a week, on Thursdays.
* “”: because all geeks are Star Wars fans inside, whether they know it or not.
* “WideScreen Glory”: because all Star Wars fans then turn in to movie fans in general.