Linus on CNN

by Devanshu Mehta

“Linus Torvalds is on CNN this weekend”: and though the interview is largely unsurprising, he is always charming and self-deprecating- taking as little credit for the “revolution” as possible.

Timings for the interview on CNN International:

You can watch the Linus Torvalds interview on Global Office on CNN International at these times:
03:30 ET/08:30 BST/1530 HKT/1300 New Delhi
09:30 ET/14:30 BST/2130 HKT/1900 New Delhi
07:30 ET/12:30 BST/1930 HKT/1700 New Delhi
13:30 ET/18:30 BST/0130 (Monday) HKT/2300 New Delhi