GMail Notifier for GMail for Your Domain

by Devanshu Mehta

After my article “reviewing GMail for Your Domain”: a lot of people were wondering about support for GMail Notifier. The short story is that it works for me.

Here is the long story:
* I run GMail notifier version 1.8.2.
* I run it on a Mac OS 10.4 machine.
* I run GMail notifier for my regular email address and another one for my (for my domain) email address _simultaneously_.
* Let me repeat, I have two instances of GMail notifier running at the same time.
* For the (my domain) email, I use myemail(at) as the user name and my password as the password. It works.
* Every time I restart my computer, however, there is a problem. Both instances of GMail Notifier start, but both have the same login information. So I need to go in to the Preferences and set one of them to a different login. This information will stick around until I shutdown the computer.

Oh, and one more interesting bit of news on GMail for Your Domain- you now have a Google Calendar for each account on your domain as well. The link to it is in the top-left corner of your email page or at Enjoy!