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Month: June, 2006

GMail Notifier for GMail for Your Domain

After my article “reviewing GMail for Your Domain”: a lot of people were wondering about support for GMail Notifier. The short story is that it works for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Research: Corn Fiber to Ethanol Using Mold

“Iowa State University researchers”: have discovered a method for using mold to break down corn fibers in to simple sugars that can be fermented to create Ethanol. Apparently, the process is not a simple one; corn fibers are very tough and do not degrade easily. Corn fibers are a byproduct of the wet milling process that produces corn syrup. And we all consume gallons of corn syrup mixed with caffeine (aka Coca-Cola) every year so this is good stuff and precisely the kind of thinking that seems to be required. Of course, the process only works on a small scale at the moment but mix a little venture capital or government money in and things become interesting.
[via The Energy Blog]

NSA Wiretap Humor: I Just Called To Say

Newsday has a “fantastic animated cartoon song on the NSA wiretaps”:,0,1906650.flash set to Stevie Wonder’s _I Just Called to Say I Love You_. This one goes, _You Just Called and We Were Listening_. Good stuff.

Google Internationally Politically Correct

Google added “Hebrew and Arabic”: to GMail on the same day. Now that is not being evil on an international scale. 🙂