Administrative Note

by Devanshu Mehta

For all the people who follow this blog, here’s some additional information:

<li>I have recently started blogging at <a href=””>Things of Which I May Not Speak</a> about film, music, things I read and write.</li>

<li>You can <a href=””>add this blog to your RSS feed reader</a> like Google Reader, My Yahoo, Bloglines or others. If you don’t use RSS readers, you should– it brings updates from all the sites you like to you, instead of having to go out and see if they’ve updated. I recommend <a href=””>Google Reader</a>.</li>
<li>I’m fairly <a href=””>active on Twitter</a>, so you can <a href=””>follow</a&gt; my more live, off-the-cuff and short updates there.</li>
<li>I write about <a href=””>Star Wars stuff on my Star Wars site</a>. </li>
Enjoy and thanks for reading! Leave a comment once in a while, so I know who is reading.