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What Genius Planned the FCC Meeting for the 4th of November?

The FCC commissioners plan to vote on “white spaces” in their next meeting on the 4th of November.

Detour #1: What are “white spaces”, you ask? Why I have a nifty video for you explaining just that. And this from EFF:

For those new to the issue, “white space” refers to the unused spectrum that exists between broadcast TV channels. The FCC has been weighing the merits of allowing newer, smarter wireless communication devices to operate in the the otherwise unused spectrum — similar to the way that Wi-Fi devices exist today.

Detour #2: Who had the brilliant idea of planning the meeting for the 4th of November, when a certain Barry O. and John M. will be fighting it out in the title match of 2008 and the right to insult foreign dictators for the next 4 years?

Back on topic. Predictably, the National Association of Broadcasters has sent an “emergency” request to remove white spaces from that meeting. After 4.5 years of deliberation and 30,000 comments, it is an emergency.

I understand everybody is tired and cranky after all that time, but really- if you cry foul every time something comes up for a vote, people might just think you expect to lose.

In the words of David Isenberg:

Sorry, NAB, the FCC isn’t here to protect the broadcasters. It is time to test this idea in the real world.

Google Tips to Reduce Home Heating Bills

From Google, in honor of Halloween (I don’t get it either).

For example:

Computing Equipment:

A lot of good links. And a calculator.

What are the “White Spaces”?

There is a lot of talk recently how the FCC should free the “white spaces”. Google’s Larry Page recently alleged that TV broadcasters and wireless companies have injected politics in to the FCC testing process. But what are the white spaces? The People’s Production House put together a video for the non-techies:

[via the Google Public Policy Blog]

Take Action: AOL, Privacy and the Database of Intentions

AOL's Data Leak: Were You Exposed?

“AOL has put our privacy at risk by publicly disclosing the recent search history”: of 650,000 users. This wrong in so many different ways- and yes, your search queries say a lot about you, including your identity. The “New York Times discovered just who AOL Searcher #4417749”: was just using their search strings. Read the rest of this entry »

GMail Notifier for GMail for Your Domain

After my article “reviewing GMail for Your Domain”: a lot of people were wondering about support for GMail Notifier. The short story is that it works for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Internationally Politically Correct

Google added “Hebrew and Arabic”: to GMail on the same day. Now that is not being evil on an international scale. 🙂

Everything Google

Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with everything Google throws at us; here are a few places you can look:
* A “complete list of Google products ready for primetime”:
* My “article on interesting ways of using Google”:


Adding Search to Your Site

Recently, a fellow blogger asked me for help getting “search” working on their blog. Since my advice was helpful there, I figured there must be other people who could benefit from the information. So here is how you can add a search feature to your web site regardless of how it was built and regardless of the purpose you choose to use it for. You can use it for your own reference or to allow visitors to search your site. Best of all, it’s quite simple to implement. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Google Ads Do Not Work All the Time

The screenwriter “John August”: has a great little example of why “Google’s Adsense”: is not the solution for all seasons. Anyone referencing his “article on the use of air ducts/vents in films as a poor plot device”: on their blog/site, finds ads that try to sell you air vents or ducts. Which are completely besides the point of the article- nobody reading an article about good screenwriting is going to suddenly say to themselves “Wait a second. Reading about that scene from Die Hard reminds me- I’m supposed to buy Air Vent shafts!”

You can see an example of this in “the article I wrote about August’s post”: Sad. Like the time I saw Yahoo! ads selling cow hide on a Flickr photograph decrying cruelty to cows.

On the other hand, Google Ads to work tremendously well when they are on generic, well targetted and crafted content. They work on my “Star Wars site”: pretty well.

50 Ways to Use Your Google

Considering the rate at which Google introduces new features to the public and the small amount of publicity they afford each of them, it’s no surprise that most people are unaware of the many different ways to use Google.

To start, “here is a list”:

Here are some of my favorite Google power-user tips:
* *Music* – People are not aware that you can search Google for all kinds of information on artists, albums, songs and more using “Google Music Search”:
* *Movies* – Then try searching “movies” in Google or “let me do it for you”: That gives you showtimes for your area!
* *Strange Stuff* – Try searching “ford escape”: and Google suggests where you can buy one. Or “homes for rent”: or maybe “homes for sale”:
* *Books* – Similar to music and movies, there is “Google Book search”:
* *Phone Book* – Try putting in someone’s (or your) lastname, city and state in Google. “Like this”:
* *Q&A* – And sometimes just gives you the answer to your question. Like “the population of the USA”: and the “birthplace of George Bush”: (which one?).
* *Fedex, Patents, UPS, more* – Seach for information on Fedex tracking, UPS tracking, USPS tracking, patent, VINs, UPCs, FAA codes and a lot more using “Google numbers search”:
* *Finance* – “Google Finance”: is a fantastic tool for casual study of stock quotes though it doesn’t have the depth of “Yahoo! Finance”: yet.
And of course, there is a “lot more stuff you can do with Google here”: